Interview with Seph7z

Seph7z is a young artist from the Bronx. He’s got his own unique sound and is definitely worth a listen. He’s also got some good advice to give, so keep reading.


Interview with letdwn

letdwn is a skilled hip hop & rap artist, who also designs clothing. His latest track ‘Can’t Stay’ is an absolute banger, and he’s got a lot to offer the music world.


Interview with B-L1FE

B-L1FE is an amazing creative artist currently living in the Texas area. He’s a multi-talented CEO who has gone through different genres from metal to hip-hop. We could all probably learn something from him.

S9 Specials

S9 Special: w e r e c r ø w

Today, we’re chatting with our very own w e r e c r ø w to start off our S9 Special interviews where you can learn more about who we are. He’s a talented hip hop & rap producer based in Wisconsin, and probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. Don’t sleep on him.