Catching Up with Yung Zemy

Today, we catch up with the elusive shadow rapper, Yung Zemy. Keep reading to learn more about him and where he finds his inspiration. Hint: It’s not external.

By: Hex6

Who is Yung Zemy? Tell us about yourself.

Yung Zemy represents a shadow, here to show people their own shadows. My music opens up the gates to the realm of darkness, beyond death and life, so others do not have to experience it firsthand to feel its energy.

Yung Zemy

You’ve been very active lately with all of your new releases. What / who inspires you?

I do not need inspiration. It flows on its own through me when I feel in sync with who I am. It’s a never-ending river of passion.

Which of your songs is your favorite and why?

000 because it is my best attempt in representing the dark psychosis of my mind.


What got you into music, and what attracts you to shadow rap / trap metal / dark trap?

Music has always been a part of me, I just had to discover that I can make it too, and how to put my own mind and soul into it. XXXTENTACION, Ghostemane and a few other artists showed me its possible to make “different” music, and break through with it.

You’ve collaborated with some interesting musicians. Do you have a special criteria for collabs?

My music is my soul, so I don’t collab with other artists unless I know them, or know that their passion for their art at least matches mine.

You also make and sell beats. What’s your process like? Drums or melody first?

All depends on the vibe. I don’t like systematic patterns – I go by what feels right.

What is your favorite quote?

“In the silence, our true selves appear.”

Any advice for other artists out there?

Stay true to who you are, especially if it means your music doesn’t fall into the mainstream. That means you’re doing something original.

Is there a question I didn’t ask, but I should have?

What I am aiming for with my music career, which is bringing attention to the darker, more forgotten mental issues people suffer from, and showing you can turn them into advantages.

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