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DOUBLE A BATTERIES is an artist out of Canada with a variety of styles. He does Hip Hop & Rap, R&B, and Trap (even does his own mixing). His styles go from aggressive to more mellow. He’s got it all. Check him out.

Who are you? Tell us about yourself.

My real name is Aaron. I’m a rapper and singer from the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. I grew up and spent most of my life in a city west from Toronto called Brampton. My childhood was boring, but also like a rollercoaster. It had its ups and downs. 


Why did you start rapping / creating music? Who or what inspired you?

Funny enough, I grew up on EDM music. I didn’t get into rap until a friend introduced me to it in middle school with people like Drake, Eminem, Kanye, and so on. Back then, I also had a lot of hobbies (which I grew out of), and really wanted to make one of those hobbies a career instead of working a normal 9-5 job my entire life. Music was one of those careers.

I’ve always wanted to get into music from as young as 14, but I was put on the path of an engineer growing up. Eventually, I decided to take music full time because as expected, being an engineer does make you a lot of money, but the amount of loneliness you feel trying to get through school really got to me. I’d rather make less doing something I love.

Why rap? Well, I don’t plan on just rapping. I plan on exploring different genres of music as I grow in the industry.

How did you come up with your name “DOUBLE A BATTERIES”?

My first name has two As in it. The name “Double A” would be way too common and simplistic, so I added “Batteries” at the end because it’s unique and it makes sense. I have a lot of other names I could have used, but I thought this one was the best. 

You have some different styles of rapping, which makes you very versatile. For example, on your newest track “THE PATH OF XENON”, the sound is more aggressive, whereas “Sunday the 999th” is more mellow. Which style do you prefer and why?

First off, thank you for that. My goal in music is to express every emotion I have, whether it be happy, sad, anger, confusion, and so on. I hate sticking to one style, and feel like music would get boring quick if I stayed the same throughout my career.

Personally, I prefer my more aggressive songs because they’re more fun to make, show a more deep down side of myself than what I show people, and I like how I can jam out to them in my car in order to hype myself up.

We’re all curious. Your song “Diamond Safes and Heartache” has a feature with Adamn Killa. What was that process like?

Actually, not that difficult. He hit me up first, which was a surprise. I’m guessing he noticed me because I was always liking his posts, but he likes to work with small artists often. He does put prices for his features up often, but I just bargained the price down to something I could afford, and that’s it.

After I sent the money, he sent me an email with the info, and I sent him an open verse to the same email with a song I’ve been shelving for awhile. My goal for the song was to make it a hit, and I feel like he did a good job with the result. I mixed the vocals and presto.

The song is on all platforms and is gaining views slowly, but it’s currently my second most popular song on Spotify, so, hopefully, I should start seeing traction soon. (BTW Shouts out to Adamn Killa I’ve been chill with him.) 

When writing lyrics, do you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you overcome it?

I get this often. There are many ways I overcome it, some ways work one day and fail the next. It really depends. Usually, in order to help motivate myself, I’ll listen to beats I get sent, and play some of them on repeat instead of my usual playlists until I get an idea. After that, I’ll freestyle random words to keep the idea in my head until I’m in the mood to write again.

Half of my songs were written this way, and I feel like it’s the best way to make a hit. Another way I get over writers block is to step off of music all together, and do other stuff like play video games or find music from other people to listen to.

I’ve gotten pretty good at managing writers block because a year ago, it would take me 4 months to upload songs, but nowadays, I drop a new song every 2 weeks, a month at most. 

What are your favorite genres of music? Who are you currently listening to?

My two favorite genres of music are Hip Hop and EDM. I’ve recently been listening to new drill (rest in peace to Pop Smoke by the way) and alternative hip hop. Some people that have caught my attention are:

Pop Smoke 

Deko and Yameii

Playboi Carti 

Duke Deuce 


AUXXK and vii as a whole 

Robb Banks

Night Lovell

Lastly, I always got at least one Juice Wrld and XXXTENTACION song on my playlist. Rest in peace to all of them. 

Where can people find you?

I got my songs on most streaming platforms.






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