Interview with ZINSKI

by hex6

ZINSKI is a very versatile artist that knows how to tell enchanting stories through his music. While he produces all his own songs in his bedroom, it sounds like anything but that. He’s got a lot of good things to say, so check him out.

Who are you? Tell us about yourself.

My name is Lucas, but I go by ZINSKI in the music world. I am a pretty chill guy. I enjoy making music, playing video games, and hanging out with my girlfriend and our dog. 


When and how did you get started doing music?

I have always had a passion for singing, but I did not get serious about making music until about 4 years ago when I decided I wanted to be true to myself and do what I enjoy.

I saw several artists on YouTube become popular with a minimalistic bedroom studio approach, and knew that I could do better. So, in February 2016, I put some money aside and purchased the makings of a small bedroom studio.

I taught myself how to produce in Logic Pro by watching hundreds of hours of YouTube tutorials and reading online guides. I have been putting out music ever since. 

You have a very refreshing sound. What genre or genres would you consider your music to be?

Thank you. I generally describe my genre as alternative R&B with a hip-hop influence. I make several genres of music, but that’s probably more accurate than just saying it’s pop.

Who or what inspires you?

I have a wide range of musical influences. I listen to artists like Drake, Partynextdoor, Bryson Tiller, 6lack, Frank Ocean, etc. All of these artists are good storytellers and have exceptional production. My songs are often inspired by whatever is going on in my life at the time of recording. 

Tell us about your album “No Ghosts” Is there a story behind it?

“No Ghosts” is a very personal album. The album cover is actually a picture that my dad took of me when I was younger. People always ask, “If you could say something to your younger self, what would you say?” The opening track kind of addresses that.

I do not think my younger self would like who I am today, but everybody changes and that’s kind of the point of life. My mom started asking me, “Where did my cute, little Lucas go?” and the rest of the album proceeds to answer this question with, “He does not exist anymore.”  

In your latest release, “Free Rain”, you open with some striking lyrics: “I was dragging my body behind me / When I walked through the desert you saw me / You told me hello, then you stopped me / Said that you like when it rains / Did you know that rain is my hobby?” Tell us a little more about this song. 

This song is a pretty heavy metaphor. My girlfriend and I were coworkers. This song marks when my girlfriend and I really started talking. I was not in a very good place and was getting over my previous relationship. The more we talked, the more we realized how much we had in common– including that we both loved the rain.

I really like the song “Like the Rain” by Clint Black and wanted to make something analogous to it. Towards the end of the song I change “the weather to rain” by transitioning to a snippet of an unreleased song I had made, “Purple Leaves”. “Free Rain” acts as the transition from “No Ghosts” to my next project.

If you could give someone who’s just starting out advice, what would you tell them?

YouTube tutorials are your best friend. You can make professional quality music in your bedroom. Develop your own sound. Engage with your audience daily. Do not pay for promo, plays, or followers. It’s all a scam. 

Where can people find you?

My music is on all platforms (Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud, etc).







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