Ivy Sirena’s Operatica & NFTs

If you have haven’t heard or watched Ivy Sirena’s latest big project, Operatica, then you are missing out. It’s an opera in three parts, which features Ivy’s NFT art. You can watch the entirety of it on the Saturnine YouTube.

Ivy Sirena’s Operatica

With the entire video being 36 minutes long, it’s clear that Ivy works hard on all his projects. Operatica took a lot of time and energy to create, and took about a year to create (2019 – 2020), with the visuals being created in 2020. It includes a mix of digital and analog sounds, as well as most of the sounds that are familiar within any Ivy Sirena project. It is a masterpiece that includes many different types of genres, such as hyperpop, experimental, pop, electronic, symphonic, and even vocaloid.

Speaking of vocaloids, everyone knows who Hatsune Miku is. The vocaloids used in Operatica are no different, and have their own alter egos and names: “Daisy” and “Marie Ork”.

The visuals of Operatica showcase Ivy’s NFTs, which are available on GhostMarket.io. In the video, the NFTs are shown from afar, but when you purchase them on the marketplace, you become the owner of the full size, high quality music videos. There are 10 available and they are all 1 of 1s. You can also download Operatica album NFTs of which there are 50 available, and include the download link for the album and cover art.

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