Ivy Sirena tends to be one of our most elusive members, but when Ivy does appear, it’s always with straight heat. If you are looking for something different, then you are in the right place. Both releases are available on all streaming platforms.

First up is EGO DEATH. If you haven’t heard it, then relax, put on your headphones and press play. The song is very much indicative of its title – like falling into a psychedelic void. You can also check out our S9 Special on EGO DEATH here.

Next up is the full YOUKNOWWHOYOUARE Part II EP.

The 4 track EP starts off with “Kxxxxxxx” which makes you feel like the journey is just beginning. It’s got a beautiful, ethereal quality to it.

“Sxxxxxxx” is the second track on the album. It comes in calm, then builds up to a powerful guitar solo.

Third on the album is “Mxxxx”. With it’s angelic chorus and bass synth, it’s definitely pleasing to the ears.

Last, but not least is “Rxxxx”. Easily one of the best songs on the EP, it invokes a certain type of emotion. The mix of vocals, bells, and bass create the perfect harmony.

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