New Releases / S9 WKND April 2020

This month we put in a lot of work with solo releases and collaborations. Keep reading to check it all out.

First up is Punky Jones‘ FIRE AND LIGHTNING. This is a 12 track album with the most ill beats you’ve never heard. Punky always delivers with his futuristic sound. Currently, it’s only available on Punky’s Bandcamp, so go check it out.

Next, Don Gady also released a full album, LOWKEY LEGEND. He’s got his own unique sound that not often heard in hip-hop.

He also quietly dropped a music video for RawKingShit. Show him some love and run it up.

If you’re into that chill, feminine energy, SOSaura brings it with NEVERRONA. This is a perfect collaboration with Don Gady and Werecrøw.

RIP / Devour me instead.

Cyber goth isn’t dead, it just transformed into c y b e r v o i d. Hex6 and Werecrøw collab for the first time, and we’re pretty sure they summoned something they shouldn’t have.

w h i t e b a n d s s h i n e l i k e d i a m o n d s

Finally, for all you horror fans, Punky and Werecrøw put the fear in us with GAZER. We’re not stargazing anymore, we’re doomgazing.

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