S9 Special: Don Gady Brings the Heat with MidKnightDon 2

by hex6

This month Don Gady dropped the long-awaited MidKnight Don 2. You may have heard UNIVERSAL TIME and PULL UP SHAWTY, but now you can listen to the EP in its entirety.

Keep reading to see what Don has to say about the EP, making music, and life in general.

How are you and who are you? Tell us about yourself.

What’s up, I’m straight for real! I had to reconnect with my childhood & get back to my roots for real – remind myself I be the Don of this shit. You feel me?

I was born up north, in Baltimore, Maryland, and raised in New Jersey ’till Obama became president. During that time, I was around a lot of Italian type shit, so I grew to like that type mentality, food, and luxurious/ free way of life.

I been down south ever since tho, so I came up with the best of both worlds, but shit still feels new to me. I still come across a lot that fascinates me down here.

Let’s get into it. You just released the full EP for MidKnightDon 2. What was the process like creating it?

The process of creating the 2nd installment of the MidKnightDon series was a journey that was somewhat hectic. It seemed to call all of me to get it finished for real.

It took a lot longer to create with all of the outside elements coming into play – with my legal troubles playing as a major obstacle. Dealing with that, as it’s finally coming to a close, has become harder than ever.

It’s also been difficult with the producer that I was working with dropping out and quitting, to getting laid off from working a 6-5 schedule job because of the Rona. It has really been something that I won’t soon forget to say the least – a lot of blood, sweat & tears.

Music by DON GADY & Visuals by IVY SIRENA

What’s your favorite song on MKD2?

Ok, so, the entire project in its entirety is fye as a bihh righttt? But, if I had to choose one out of them all, I’d either say “Swilling” or “Grorange” as my favorites. “Acid.Wav” is really fye too of course! Probably “Swilling” tho, jus because of how complicatedly simple it is! 

You’ve got a very unique sound. What or who are your inspirations?

What inspires me is my past. I’ve had a lot of encounters with the older generations growing up, and they would often tell me that they had found their passion young, or that they too had pursued music (or whatever their passion), but had stopped “because life got in the way”. That really explained why they were so bitter. Like, you couldn’t have just a regular conversation with them without them getting upset or defensive.

I made it my goal to find my passion and to keep pursuing it, to keep progressing not stressing in it, to keep pushing myself, and challenging myself to create even more/better than I was before!

Honestly, everyone who creates, and even those that interact with my music, I check them out, they inspire me. I don’t like to underestimate anybody! It’s easy to see the dirt in people, but it’s more commendable to find the gold in them! 

What kind of advice would you give to someone who’s struggling to find their own sound?

If you are struggling, relax. You are appreciated. You are most likely overthinking things. My advice would be to relax and to listen.

Listen to the things you like. Listen and incorporate those things in your own way.

Listen first and foremost.

Listen to yourself, and find your strong points; maybe you got an accent that is particular to your area – build on that.

Maybe you got a thing for riddles and puns – build on that.

Maybe, you are more of a singer than a straight-up rapper.

Whatever your thing is, find it and hone in on it 100% with laser-like focus!

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

If I could change anything, it would be to stop allowing these pussy ass nighas to be on the top that steal sluice and jugg drip from underground artists that actually put out pure art!

The ones who keep it pure need to be the ones on top! All the fakes need to be weeded out!

What are some of your hobbies outside of music?

I watch anime sometimes hahahahaaaa! No kapp, I like Netflix for real for real hahahaa! But I gotta say, ever since I been living out here down south, I’ve been doing a lot more outdoorsy type shit like hiking, and shit that I never would’ve gotten accustomed to if I was still up north.

I’ve also grown more spiritually for real, like meditation is dope to me, keeping up with daily prayer, tarot readings, and just reading/writing in general! 

Lastly, what is one of your favorite quotes or lyrics?

Ahh it’s so many!! My veryyy favorite quote from the album would be:

“Room for improvement, [cuss] I’m still alive PVSCALE said if I’m alive then Imma shine”. 

That was a shoutout to the great PVSCALE222, Rest In Peace that man!











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