S9 Special: Ivy Sirena Releases SELENE Part II

Give us an introduction!

Hey all, this is Ivy Sirena, artist and producer, currently based in Eugene Oregon, bringing those 4th dimensional sounds.

What’s the news today?

Ivy Sirena just released their newest album, Selene : Part II on music streaming services.  It is the follow-up to Selene : Part I.

Tell us about the Selene projects:

Selene : Part I was released in 2016, and was based on characters I created, which in turn were based off real people I once knew. There was a point where I decided that their story was better told through music, and after Ivy released Shared Strange Feelings earlier that year, I had built up a nice collection of synthesizers and sounds. Before I could move forward, I knew it needed something else, something new. This search led me to discover the magic of vocaloid. 

Explain Vocaloids really quick:

Vocaloids / Voice Synthesizers are basically text-to-speech engines combined with a software synthesizer.  Type words, play notes, and then they sing!  Hatsune Miku is the most well-known vocaloid artist, and there is a thriving community of vocaloid users and characters who often use the free software UTAU.  

Back to the Selene’s:

After much experimentation, vocaloid was used on a couple tracks for Selene : Part I (“Violet, Behind You” and ”Selene”). Ivy released a couple vocaloid-heavy singles (“I Met June” and “Empty Space”) as well. Selene : Part II was in progress for four years, since part I’s release.  There were many songs moved to the cutting room floor, many went through several drafts, and most of it was spent waiting for the right inspiration. Eight of the ten tracks feature vocaloid, and that is the most vocaloid for Ivy Sirena thus far.

Any plans to use more vocaloid?

Absolutely! Vocaloid is the track to the future of pop music, and Ivy will be on that train.

Any parting words?

Selene : Part II is out now on all music streaming services!  Special thank you to Saturnine Realms for being the dopest, most supportive creative community I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of.

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