S9 Special: Ivy Sirena’s EGO DEATH

Today’s S9 Special is special indeed, as the ever elusive Ivy Sirena opens up about their new single EGO DEATH. EGO DEATH is a new single available on all music streaming platforms.  It is Ivy’s first release for 2020, and sets the stage for their future releases.

What is Ivy’s inspiration behind EGO DEATH?

Ego Death was inspired by a combination of things, but psychedelic experiences take most of the credit. The song is a chronicle of some of the experiences I’ve had; starts out slow and suddenly builds up into something that’s sort of overwhelming.

What does Ego Death mean to Ivy?

The phrase itself is important to me. It represents a state of mind where you understand that everything is connected and indivisble, that the self is significant only to you. The fact that we experience time is one of the greatest and most mysterious priviliges given to humankind, and this time can be enjoyed and understood better without a view of the world that revolves around one’s self.

The song seems to be in two parts; why is that?

A lot of my musical inspiration comes from metal and pre-90s hard rock, so it’s always in my mind that a song can be more than just one soundscape. Bands like Rush and Dream Theater have these 20-40 minute songs that acheive a wide range of sounds while still being the same song. 

Will there be a video?

Yes!  There will be an animated music video; can’t wait to release it.

How was the cover art made?

The cover art is a mixed-media piece; magazine cuttings, ink, acrylic paint on a cloth canvas.  

Any future plans for this track?

I had hoped to debut it during a live performance, but since the recent pandemic those plans have been shot down. A virtual live streamed concert may be on it’s way soon though…

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