Spring 2022 Updates / New Releases

A lot has happened between 2020 and now. We’ve lost a valued and talented friend – our very own Werecrøw. It’s been difficult without him, but we have continued to do what we love, and what he would have wanted us to continue doing – making art, music, and living our lives to the fullest. Below is one of his last EPs he produced showcasing just how truly talented he was. All his music is still available on all platforms.

Below we have a list of updates of music and art we’ve released both independently and as a group. We have spanned a lot of genres including goth, industrial, triphop, hiphop, and NFTs. Enjoy.

NFT Releases from Ivy Sirena

Throughout the past couple years, Ivy Sirena has been working hard dropping NFTs left and right. They have made a name for themselves within the NFT sphere. We suggest that you check out their works, which can be found on multiple platforms. Check out Ivy’s NFTs here: NFT Art by Ivy Sirena.

In addition to the NFT art, Ivy has also worked with Don Gady and Hex6 to produce some wonderfully dark & seductive tracks: HEXRED & BLOODLET. Check out the visualizers below, which Ivy also created showcasing not only their production talents, but also their artistic vision.


In January 2022, Don Gady & Punky Jones teamed up to bring us PiNKHYDRAMiNE!, an eclectic mix of hiphop, R&B, and hyperpop. The album captures the spirit of the cover art, done in all pink (to really capture the essence) by Ivy Sirena. Available on all platforms! Check it out.

Do you need beats? Look no further, Punky Jones has you covered.

Punky has been releasing beats very consistently, sometimes two or three a day. He covers a lot of different styles and has something for everyone. You can license beats from him on his website: Beats by Punky. Also, check out his socials for new updates.

Hex6 yearns, takes you to the OTHERWORLD, and gazes through KALEiDOSCOPE DREAMS.

In December 2021, Hex6 released a mostly self-produced EP, YEARN, featuring Don Gady on DOSE & MELT, and COME WITH ME being co-produced with the talented ALLHAILPAN. With dark triphop and industrial vibes, this EP explores the duality between obsession and hatred. A somewhat personal EP signifying leaving the past behind. Available on all platforms.

In April 2022, we are taken to the OTHERWORLD, produced by the amazing Punky Jones. The lyrics whisper of Baba Yaga – a supposed wicked witch that is commonly found in Slavic folk tales. Inspired by Hex6’s Ukrainian heritage and the fairy tales her mother used to tell her.

KALEiDOSCOPE DREAMS was also released in April 2022. Produced by Hex6 for Don Gady. This is a powerful, upbeat witch trap song that really captures the attitude that Don brings out in his vocals.

Saving the best for last: In autumn 2021, 11 quietly became a valued S9 member and producer.

11 has already produced a multitude of tracks for Don Gady. He’s an extremely talented producer based in Ireland. You can check out and buy his beats here: 11 on BeatStars.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you! We have a lot more coming this here, and are looking forward to everyone else’s projects, as well! Happy 2022, and may it be a prosperous year for everyone.

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