S9 Specials

S9 Special: Ivy Sirena’s EGO DEATH

Today’s S9 Special is special indeed, as the ever elusive Ivy Sirena opens up about their new single EGO DEATH. EGO DEATH is a new single available on music streaming platforms. It is Ivy’s first release for 2020, and sets the stage for their future releases.


Interview with FTP

FTP is a shadow rap artist coming out of Connecticut. If you like aggressive, hard hitting tunes, then don’t miss out on this one. If you like more chill sounds, or perhaps a bit emotional, he’s got that, too. He’s got it all.



DOUBLE A BATTERIES is an artist out of Canada with a variety of styles. He does Hip Hop & Rap, R&B, and Trap (even does his own mixing). His styles go from aggressive to more mellow. He’s got it all. Check him out.


Interview with ZINSKI

ZINSKI is a very versatile artist that knows how to tell enchanting stories through his music. While he produces all his own songs in his bedroom, it sounds like anything but that. He’s got a lot of good things to say, so check him out.


Interview with Seph7z

Seph7z is a young artist from the Bronx. He’s got his own unique sound and is definitely worth a listen. He’s also got some good advice to give, so keep reading.


Interview with letdwn

letdwn is a skilled hip hop & rap artist, who also designs clothing. His latest track ‘Can’t Stay’ is an absolute banger, and he’s got a lot to offer the music world.


Interview with B-L1FE

B-L1FE is an amazing creative artist currently living in the Texas area. He’s a multi-talented CEO who has gone through different genres from metal to hip-hop. We could all probably learn something from him.


Interview with Jayrahx

We interviewed an up and coming artist, this time in text form. Today, we’re talking to Jayrahx, an artist based in California. He’s got a multitude of sounds ranging from the hardcore side in his song Bruce Lee, to punk/melodic in his song Ultraviolet.